Some Pakistani breed of Bully Kuta

This is a khowaty bull terr aka old true working english bull terriers considered a pure breed back from the British empire time when the hinks english bull terriers were imported to india by the british raj these terriers were kept pure these bull terriers were from fighting stock some of these dogs were crossed but some of the fanciers liked them pure and as a result this is what you see today the khowaty gull terr amazing this breed is rare in pakistan

The sindh bully is the oldest and purest breeds of Asia this dog is the original bully they should have a nice long thin wip type tail there skin should be tight there coat is a buck skin tight to the touch the only loose skin should be under the muzzles and neck they come in shades of colors such as brawn tan cream and brindle these dogs will bond with there owners and make good guard dogs these dogs are rare in pakistan

GULL DONG is commonly used by criminal gangs in dog fighting activities around Pakistan the gull dong is the result of a gull terr mixed into a bully kutta creating a dog with the speed of a terrier and size of the bully kutta the modern day gulldong also has pbt blood in it

the gull terrier dates back from the british raj time a pure breed also known as the last of the hinks bull terriers this breed is common in Pakistan common health issue with these is deafness this is a working breed with a high prey drive and needs a owner who can handle it they can be very stubborn so owners need to understand the Alfa nature of this breed before taking one on they need a lot of socialization from an early age for it to become a easy and manageable dog they are known by many as a 1 man dog

These dogs are common in places like kashmir these are considered the bulldogs of Pakistan the dabba kutta is a very strong sturdy breed of bully kutta this dog is a huge heavy boned dog with a large square type head hence the name dabba meaning box in Urdu these dogs come in all colors common colors are brawn black and white often with spots and eye patches the dabba bully kutta descended from the sindh bully bulldog and mastiffs and dane breeds from the British raj time in india which give way to this strong and solid breed of bully kutta

Kuchi dog is not a pakistani breed it is an Afghan breed which has taken its name from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan.Throughout history, the Kuchi people needed their dogs to be extremely vigilant in guarding their livestock and belongings. They trusted their dogs to safeguard their camps' and caravans on their seasonal journeys. They also needed their dogs to be extremely tough, not only in the face of danger, but also for braving the rough environmental conditions that required incredible ability to adapt.

The Kuchis travelled from the mountains, through the deserts, in the freezing cold, and in the searing heat, through country that, for days, did not offer shelter, or food, or even water. They needed dogs that would survive in all kinds of extreme conditions, and still be able to perform their duties without hindering the progress of the caravan. They often had no spare time or energy left to feed and take care of their dogs. They could not afford to wait for them if they fell ill, or to keep checking to make sure they don’t fall behind or run off.

The Kuchis needed dogs that would be fierce and possess unmatched stamina, courage and strength, but at the same time would be extremely intelligent, trustworthy and independent. They needed dogs that could function without any special guidance or training.

The resulting breed can be described as representing dogs of unwavering character, strong sense of pride, keen sense of ownership, social status, and territory, demonstrating outstanding tenacity and perseverance, and possessing unrivalled strength and agility, all of which enable them to defend everything that is a part of their turf and extended pack against all predators and intruders.

They can also be extremely friendly and affectionate, and tend to form deep emotional bonds with their 'pack members'.
It is a guard and working dog they have worked there way in Pakistan and are very common in Pakistan now a super dog huge size very powerful formidable guard dogs they are also used as fighting dogs in afghanistan

Bakarwal peaple are derived from the Gojri/Urdu/Punjabi/Kashmiri/Dogri terms, Bakri/Bakar meaning "goat/Sheep", and Wal meaning "one who takes care of". Essentially, the name "Bakarwal" implies "high-altitude goatherds/shepherds".
In Pakistan, Bakarwals inhabit the Northern Areas (Gilgit, the Hunza Valley and Baltistan) and Azad Kashmir (Mirpur and Muzaffarabad).
They are also found in the PRC controlled regions of the state, namely Aksai Chin and the Shaksgam Valley.
Bakarwals lead a lonely and tough life in the high-altitude meadows of the Himalayas and the Pir-Panjal. Every year, they take their sheep high into the mountains, above the tree-line to graze in the lush meadows. It may take them as many as sixty days to reach these meadows. During the summer, they move from one meadow to the other. They generally travel in pairs but sometimes they may go alone or in larger groups (depending on how many sheep/goats need to be taken care of).
They are accompanied by their dogs, bakarwal dogs,Aka tibetan mastiff and their pack-animals.The tibetan mastiffs have been in the bakarwal tribe for Century's the dogs descended from from china and Tibet The bakarwal dog is a very watchfull natural guardian breed and will protect family and livestock with full might the bakarwal dog's are known to guard entire villages they have a natural instinct to guard and some say that the dog can sence danger many days before it happens the dog's are tied outside the home as a guardian. However, in camps and in villages, the The bakarwaly kutta is traditionally allowed to run loose at night and woe be unto the stranger who walks abroad after dark.The bakarwaly dogs can reach heights up to 31+ inches (80+cm) at the withers,

Bhutia Sheepdog (Bhutan): a dog similar to the Himalayan Sheep dog and the Tibetan mastiff, but larger in size and with lss tightly curled tail. It is used by shepherds to defend large flocks against predators.They are very good guardian dogs a brave breed and will protect its owner and livestock with its life the breed is rare but are known to be preserved by some breeders in india and azad Kashmir

This is the naagi a modern perfected breed this is a agile and athletic bully kutta this is a working breed like the dogo Argentina the naagi is used in hunting big game such as boars they posses good stamina drive speed and a long athletic body making them ideal for getting in and out of hard to reach places when hunting boars once they pic up the sent the naagis are known for the relentless nature for going for hours non stop with out getting tired there stamina is wellknown

 This is a bully kutta these are dating' back from the British raj in India this breed causes are lot of confusion; and speculation due to the variation' some looke like danes and some look like mastiffs some even look more like bulldogs this variation in the breed is because the bully kutta has descended from Danes mastiffs bulldogs pointersand sindh mastiff dating back from the British rule in India these dogs are powerful fearless and come in huge sizes they are as tall as a great dane and as heavy as a English mastiff but for a heavy breed it is elegant and has a beautiful movement